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Teenager Alexander Goth

Today was Alexander’s birthday. Cassandra could hardly believe that he would be a teenager already! Before she knew it, he would be moving to University. She had planned to fix a spaghetti dinner, his favorite. Then they would have cake and a little party for him with just the family present. Cassandra was beginning to show her pregnancy. She was past all the morning sickness at least and was feeling good…and happy.
Cassandra lit the candles on Alexander’s birthday cake. Alexander thought a minute before making a wish. “I wish,” Alexander said, “I wish that mother would come home.” No one had heard from Bella since she was abducted by aliens a few years ago.
Alexander then blew out the candles on his cake. Don and Cassandra cheered as Alexander began his transformation into a teenager. Mortimer couldn’t help but think how quickly time was passing by.
Transformation was complete! Alexander was now a teenager. Mortimer looked at his youngest son. He was looking all grown up. Cassandra looked at Don and thought how attractive he was. And Don again thought of Kaylynn. He wouldn’t rest until he knew whether or not he was the father of her baby. He just had to know the truth.
“Okay.” thought Cassandra. “Tomorrow is Saturday. I think Alexander and I will go shopping for him some new clothes!”

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Don and Cassandra Expecting

Cassandra had not been feeling well for several days. She began to wonder whether or not she was finally pregnant. She knew something was different, that’s for sure. She had been trying to get pregnant from the first day of their honeymoon. Today she would go to the drug store and buy one of those home pregnancy tests. Then she would know for certain.
The next morning, Cassandra took the test. It was positive! She was pregnant! She threw back her head and laughed. She and Don were going to have a baby. She was so excited.
The first person Cassandra told was her father. “Well, daddy. How would you feel about having an addition to the family?” Cassandra asked Mortimer. “What are you talking about, Cassy?” Mortimer asked, looking at Cassandra. “You’re going to be a Grandpa!” said Cassandra. Mortimer was speechless. He certainly didn’t see this coming. Why, he had just told Don about his suspicions regarding Kaylynn just the other night. If his suspicions were correct, Don was going to have two children born within a few months of each other!
Next Cassandra told Don that she was pregnant. Don stared at Cassandra, uncertain of what to say. He didn’t know the first thing about kids. Cassandra was disappointed with Don’s reaction to the news that she was going to have his child. “Well, don’t try to act too excited about it!” Cassandra exclaimed, then turned around and left the room. That night Don dreamed of Kaylynn. Was what Mortimer had told him true? Whose child was she expecting? And now Cassandra was pregnant as well. Don did not sleep very well that night.

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Darren and Kaylynn

Kaylynn had gotten into the habit of taking a daily walk. She knew how important it was to continue to exercise throughout her pregnancy. She stopped by Darren’s home for a quick visit. Darren was outside, working in the yard and enjoying the sunny day. They talked while standing in front of his home. Suddenly Kaylynn felt her baby move. Darren placed his hands on Kaylynn’s abdomen and felt a kick. That was the most amazing feeling for Darren. An actual person was growing inside of this woman. He was awestruck at the miracle of it all. It had been so long since his wife Darlene had been expecting their son Dirk. He even felt a little sad. It brought back memories of his own family and the unexpected death of his wife and Dirk’s mother. He had done the best he could to be a good dad to Dirk, and had moved on. He realized how difficult it must be for Kaylynn to be alone at such a time as this. Just then, Mortimer walked past. He stopped and stared at Kaylynn. So, it was true. He had heard it being said about town that Kaylynn was expecting. But whose baby was it? He had his own ideas about that. Darren invited both Mortimer and Kaylynn inside for a glass of iced tea. As Darren went to serve the tea, Mortimer began to talk about Cassandra and Don…about how happy they both were. Kaylynn quickly made it clear to Mortimer that she did not want to talk about Don. So, he was right after all. Judging from her reaction, Mortimer was almost certain that Don was the father of her baby. He couldn’t wait to get back home and see how Don reacted to his news. Darren practically ignored his other guest and gave all his attention to Kaylynn. She was so easy to talk to. They had so much in common. The more time he spent with her, the more time he wanted to be with her. Mortimer watched the two of them. “Looks like Darren is falling head over heels to me. Apparently he’s gotten over his infatuation with Cassandra.” thought Mortimer.

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Kaylynn and Darren Dreamer

Kaylynn and Dina Caliente became close friends. Dina would often come over to visit. One evening Kaylynn decided to invite Darren over as well. They sat on the couch and talked for hours. Darren was so easy to talk to. They talked about cooking…and art. Kaylynn had never met such a sweet person before in her life. She found herself falling hard for Darren. She looked forward to their chats online. This was one relationship she was going to take her time with and see if there was something there that could last. Her priority for now was her little baby. She hadn’t seen Don in months. He had probably heard the rumours though. He hadn’t even shown enough class to stop by and see how she was doing! That was all right with Kaylynn. She had seen the “real” Don, and she was glad to be rid of him!

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Kaylynn Expecting

Kaylynn had been so devestated at the reality of Don marrying another woman. Yes, she had known he was engaged…but she still had hoped that he would call off the marriage because he would want to be with her. She had wanted him to feel towards her the same way she felt about him. She had loved him. Now Kaylynn found herself alone…with a baby on the way! Yes, Kaylynn had had a lot of changes in her life of late. She had bought herself a new home. Now that she was expecting, she knew her tiny apartment wouldn’t be big enough. It wasn’t exactly what she had dreamed of…to buy a home alone. But she was happy that she wouldn’t be alone for much longer. These last months had been very difficult for her though. Kaylynn quit her job as a maid. She worked until she started getting too big and uncomfortable. She had enough in savings to keep her going for a while. Eventually she would have to go back to work though. After the baby was born. She kept busy these days…tending her flowers, and she had taken up painting as well. It helped to make the time go by faster. Kaylynn kept in touch with her old friends. Lately it had been mostly via the internet as she tended to stay home more. She felt so awkward. It seemed every time she went to town the townies were gossiping about her. She had even found a new friend online…Darren Dreamer. Seems he was very interested in painting as well.

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Newlyweds Don and Cassandra

Mortimer watched as Don kissed Cassandra. It was so obvious that Don made Cassandra happy. Mortimer admitted defeat…the marriage had happened and his plan had failed. “Oh well” thought Mortimer, “But I’ll be keeping my eyes on that boy. He better treat my little girl right!”
Don and Cassandra had the house all to themselves the night of their honeymoon.
The next morning, Cassandra could think of nothing else except being with Don the night before. He was a wonderful lover. If anything…she loved him even more today than she did yesterday.
Don was up early and back at work. He didn’t mind really. He liked his job as an intern at the hospital. And the nurses were really pretty too!

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Mrs. Cassandra Goth Lothario

Don’s relief was short-lived, however. Suddenly the sound of someone crying softly was heard. Mortimer looked as Kaylynn put her hands over her eyes. She couldn’t bear to see the man she loved marry another woman. She realized that Don had never loved her…that he had only used her and thrown her away with no regard for her feelings at all. Something snapped inside Kaylynn. Seeing him stand there…so handsome…yet with no concern for how he was making her feel. Before she realized what she was doing, Kaylynn slapped Don as hard as she could. She wanted to slap that happy smile right off his face! Cassandra stood in stunned silence watching Don and Kaylynn. Dina hid her eyes in disbelief. Mortimer was hard pressed to keep from cheering out loud. Both Dina and Nina had a few choice words to say to Don as well. Mortimer inched forward in order to hear better. He also was concerned for Cassandra. Was she okay? He was hoping that she would see the truth about the man she had married. He would hold her, comfort her, reassure her that he would take care of everything. Just as he had when she was a little girl. The marriage could be annulled quite easily.
Cassandra was determined to make her marriage successful. She loved Don so much, and believed that she could make him completely happy. After all, he was married now. That would surely make a difference, even to a man like Don…wouldn’t it? Mortimer turned his back as Cassandra fed wedding cake to Don. It appears his plan had failed.
As the bride and groom made a toast, Kaylynn secretly wished good luck to the bride. She was going to need it!